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Aquaseal water based dispersions are based on unplasticized, high molecural weight thermoplastic ethylene copolymers and totally solvent free. This range of dispersions has been developed for packaging and industrial applications which require clear (heat-sealable) polymer coatings, like packaging films, alu-foil, paper and board.

These coatings are known to have the following properties:

  • thermoplastic behaviour
  • low sealing temperature (70-90 C)
  • high hot tack
  • perfect integrity (also in humid conditions)
  • seals through greasy contamination
  • good adhesion to polar substrates (like aluminium, glass, paper)
  • tough clear coating
  • water and chemical resistance
  • dispersability

Barrier properties

The fact that Aquaseal is supplied in a water based system, but once applied leaves a water resistant film, seems contradictory. Various studies have shown that Aquaseal, at coating weights below 10 g/sqm realizes major improvements in barrier properties on paper and board. That is why Aquaseal dispersions add value to substrates. It is complementary to extrusion systems and can be applied on standard coating equipment.

Dispersion system

Aquaseal dispersions are water based and free from surfacants and solvents. They can be supplied in two dispersion systems. The ammonia based system leaves a so called copolymer coating. The alkali metals based system forms ionomer coatings. The solid content varies between 17 and 25%, depending on polymer type and dispersion system.

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