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Borax: not an issue for Paramelt

Just over 3 years after the take-over of Remy Beneo Adhesives by Paramelt, many labelling customers are really appreciating the benefits of this new union.  Within the context of Paramelt’s global activities in coatings and adhesives for packaging and labelling applications, regulatory compliance is a central topic for the combined business.

One recent event of importance in this regard is the implementation on 1st of June 2015 of more stringent hazard labelling requirements under the UN GHS (Globally HaCasein, hybrid and synthetic labelling adhesivesrmonized System of classification and labelling of chemicals) classification and EU CLP (classification, labelling and packaging) legislation.

One of the principle items of concern in the labelling arena is the use of Borax which is found in many bottling adhesives. In response to potential health concerns linked to this material both authorities have mandated significant reductions in the threshold for hazard labelling.

In the light of several enquiries from the market place on this topic, Paramelt is happy to confirm that all of our water based labelling products are free from Borax and will remain free of any hazard symbols requiring special attention in use.

Paramelt offers a comprehensive range of labelling adhesives under the Latyl and Multicollac brands for water based products and Plastoflex range of hot melt adhesives for wrap-around labelling.

For further information on Paramelt’s range of labelling adhesives, please contact Mylène Sage at or +31 (0)72 5750 600.