lay flat lamination

Paramelt provides a full range of lay flat laminating adhesives for different types of core and sheet material as well as property sets of viscosity, open time and set time. Typical applications are A2 fire classified sandwich panels, caravan panels, cladding elements, insulation panels as well as prefab roof elements.

The construction of multiple layers of a core material and surface layers provides a sandwich panel with strength and rigidness. A wide variety of core and face materials is used and the material choice depends on the application requirements.

With the right adhesive selection this results in high strength, lightweight and cost-effective panels with excellent form stability, torsion stiffness and load capacity.

Paramelt provides a proven range of:

  • DynolTM one component 1K PU and two component 2K PU adhesives, as well as
  • EnziflexTM water based adhesives for this application field.

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