Using roof insulation adhesives provides the following advantages:

  • bonding gives better insulation of flat roofs: with the conventional method, perforation of the insulation and the substrate frequently results in a thermal bridge;
  • bonding of roof insulation improves the contact with the substrate:improved distribution of forces over the roof area means that strong winds create no problem;
  • noise nuisance to occupants of a building when the roof is being renewed is much less when the adhesive bonding method is used;
  • no heat (or flame) needed 

This 1K polyurethane (ready to use) adhesive is a moisture curing product and is suitable for virtually all types of insulation materials currently in use as well as for a wide range of substrates. 

These substrates can be coated profiled metal, metal sheeting, bituminous covering, concrete and wooden sections such as underlayment, plywood and chipboard. Insulation materials can be expanded or extruded polystyrene, polyurethane, polyisocyanate, mineral wool or expanded perlite. 

Paramelt’s roof insulation adhesives are extra foaming products, so it is possible to level out irregularities of up to 5mm in size between the substrate and the insulation material. 

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