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New production plant for cheese coatings

December 2, 2002 - Paramelt (Netherlands) has started a new production plant in Veendam for the manufacturing of water based cheese coatings. The new unit was completed in November. The cheese coatings will be marketed under the tradename Paracoat®. Paracoat® is used as a surface treatment on hard cheeses to control moisture loss and to prevent mould growth, without effecting the ripening process.

Paramelt is a major European producer of industrial waxes and is known throughout the dairy industry as the market leader in cheese wax. In combination with cheese wax, Paracoat® offers a complete system for the protection and conservation of cheese.

At the Veendam site Paramelt produces a substantial amount of water based adhesives. The experience, knowledge and infrastructure in the field of polymer dispersions will now also be used for the benefit of cheese coatings. The new Paracoat® plant is totally separated from the adhesives production and complies with the strict hygiene requirements of the dairy industry. The dispersions are supplied in both bulk and containers.

For further information please contact Mr Steffen Osinga at Paramelt on