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Syncera PP 7400 polypropylene n n More

Syncera™ PP 7400 is an emulsion based on a special maleic-anhydride-grafted polypropylene wax emulsified with a non-ionic emulsifier system. Syncera PP 7400 is applied as a coupling agent for filled polypropylene. The anhydride functionality of the wax interacts with many different types of filler such as hemp, mica, talcum, calcium carbonate and wood pulp. 
Syncera PP 7400 can also be used in inks and lacquers,textiles, metal lubrication. In the floor maintenance this product gives excellent anti slip properties.

polypropylene - wax emulsions
slip modifier
additives - coatings, inks & adhesives, textile treatments - leather & textiles, fibre sizing - glass processing
available in:
Asia Pacific, Americas, EMEA
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