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our origin and where we are headed

Our history goes back to the first wax factory in the Netherlands, whose success was built largely on the production of cheese coatings. Since then we have expanded and diversified greatly, both through acquisition and product and market development, resulting in a truly global presence.

At the heart of our enterprise remains our entrepreneurial Dutch character. Open, direct, pragmatic: results-oriented, enterprising and informal and above all, a loyal partner who keeps its word.

Where we are heading
Over recent decades we have been driving rapid growth and diversification of our business. We are constantly exploring new markets and engaging in new opportunities wherever they are in the world.

'we have a history of looking ahead..'

The result is that we now have a global sourcing, production and marketing structure in place.

Growth, though, is not an end in itself. For us it is a means to ensure continuity, to offer customers even greater reliability of supply, to remain independent and to stay ahead of the competition. We have been here for a long time and we’re here to stay. After all, we have a history of looking ahead….