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At Paramelt we work with over 400 employees in more than 10 countries in work fields like sales & marketing, research & development, operations, information technology, finance and human resources. See what makes Paramelt an interesting place to work in your area of expertise.

Sales and marketing

The sales and marketing teams are integral to the operation of our company, as it is through them that we gain a deep understanding of customer needs and are able to design competitive strategies and customer offers.

Approximately 30 people work in sales and marketing, at multiple offices around the world. This 'global reach' allows us to tailor our local and global sales strategies to meet the needs of the market. The international distribution benefits our colleagues, as it provides them the opportunity to work across different regions and expand their knowledge.

Our sales and marketing colleagues are involved in a wide range of projects, including shaping product strategies, conducting market research, launching new products and ongoing customer relationship management. What makes life within sales and marketing even more varied is the range of stakeholders we interact with.

Research and development

Innovation is fundamental to Paramelt’s success and the R&D department lies at the heart of this. Paramelt aims to supply more than just a good product. We select the right product to fit the customer´s process requirements, and adapt it where necessary. We provide technical support to ensure good product performance and optimization of the customer process.

In order to provide this added value Paramelt has a large, state-of-the-art research & development department. The development of waxes, hotmelt adhesives and water-based dispersions is located in Heerhugowaard, the Netherlands, with local development and technical support facilities for waxes on all sites in the US and China. The focus in the R&D department in Veendam, the Netherlands, is on water-based adhesives, polyurethane adhesives and cheese dispersion coatings.

The analytical laboratories are equipped to perform a wide selection of analytical techniques such as DSC, GC, HPLC, rheology, etcetera. Newly developed products are tested for their suitability for use in the customer´s application before being released to the market.

In development and technical service, people are clearly the key to success. Our development engineers combine impressive skill and knowledge with inventiveness and creativity. We are constantly searching for new applications and better solutions.


Operations is central to the success of Paramelt. By sourcing, manufacturing and distributing products as efficiently as possible we are responsible for ensuring we, as a company, meet our commitments to customers. We are able to drive the success of Paramelt’s innovative and varied products by understanding and anticipating the market, maintaining our position as an industry leader.

Key areas within operations are:

  • logistics & planning
  • purchasing
  • production
  • technical services

Information technology

The IT department plays a vital role in Paramelt’s success, making the best use of the very latest information and technological advances to keep the company at the leading edge of the information age.

In all over 15 people work in IT, spread across functions in more than 3 countries. The heart of the department is in Heerhugowaard, the Netherlands. As part of a large international organization, we work with end-users from every corner of the globe and every part of the business.

Our people are the key to our success and we place a huge emphasis on encouraging their development. Whether they’re working as a network engineer, oracle specialist or IT manager, our people are highly motivated and highly qualified. Every year we offer placement opportunities for students who have a keen interest in information technology within Paramelt


The finance department is at the centre of Paramelt’s operations and core to the company's financial success. It is our role to ensure that all decisions are made with a view to adding value to the company and support our ongoing growth.

Our department is present at every production site of Paramelt. The roles across the department are diverse, varying from core finance functions such as accounting and decision support to specialist roles such as credit management.