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heat seal

Our Paraflex™ HS coating hotmelts are typically used in soap wrappers, paper banderol labels for in mould labelling of PS yoghurt cups, in mould labelled PS/PET cardboard margarine cups, coffee packaging, biscuit wrappers, chewing gum wrappers, chocolate wrappers and processed cheese packaging.

Paraflex™ HS hotmelts are mainly applied as heat seal coatings for all kinds of packaging materials (such as aluminium foil, paper and paperboard and polyolefins films, PS, APET and PETG). These hotmelts can be used not only for all-over surface coating, but also for pattern coating, in which the hotmelt is gravure printed only on those parts that are to be sealed. Further very high viscosity extrudable grades are offered.

Paraflex™ HS hotmelts are more viscous than Paraflex ® WS heat seal waxes, and they have significantly higher seal strength and hot tack values and yield substantially lower scuff ratings.

Paraflex™ HS coatings have the following properties:

  • excellent sealing strength on a wide variety of (printed) packaging materials;
  • high hot tack;
  • low heat seal temperature compared with other heat seal media such as PVdC, PE and heat seal lacquers;
  • high barrier functionality for moisture vapour, aroma and gases;
  • flexible, smooth and scuff resistant coatings;
  • non blocking.


The substrates, application conditions and packaging machine requirements often require a customer specific solution. Backed up with more than 70 products in its program Paramelt offers to codevelop your specific request.

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