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Paraflex L and LT laminating waxes are widely used for the production of butter and margarine and cheese wrappers, chocolate wrappers, biscuit wrappers. For tainting sensitive applications like chocolate wrappers we have special very low odour laminating waxes available.

Main reasons for the use of laminating waxes is their ability (depending on the selected grade) to give a laminated complex the following properties:

  • excellent deadfold (eg film/paper and film/film laminates);
  • peelable or fibre tear adhesion;
  • good fat resistance;
  • it gives the complex additional body;
  • water resistance.


Paraflex L laminating waxes can be used for different substrates such as parchment and imitation parchment, grease resistant and tissue paper, aluminium foil, paperboard, cellophane and OPP.

Further a range of Paraflex LT strike through laminating waxes is offered for very specific sealable laminates. 

Paraflex L laminating waxes are supplied in the unique Paramelt film meltable packaging. Due to their ´sticky´ nature it is often hard to handle laminating waxes in. Paraflex ® L laminating waxes are supplied as packs of about 10 kg wrapped in Paramelt film which is part of the product´s formula. With this exciting new development Paramelt has created additional value for its customers.

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This overview is a limited selection of our product range. Please contact us to select the right product for your process and performance requirements.