For clean running, high initial tack, low odour, low and high speed application, easy label removal, and high efficiency, you can use labelling adhesives of our brands Dextrolin, Enziflex, Latyl, Multicollac or Paraflex.

Whenever a permanent, deep freeze or removable PSA is needed we are able to offer the right product. As coating, converting and dispensing equipment is becoming more advanced and running speeds are never constant, our products are being optimised to guarantee full customer satisfaction.

General requirements

We offer a wide range of hotmelt adhesives for pressure sensitive labels, optimised to fulfil the following general requirements:

  • good coating weight distribution
  • no adhesives build up on the slitting knifes
  • no edge ooze (sticky edges) of the coated rolls
  • high converting speeds with all convential roll conversion technologies including flexographic and UV letter press even with difficult label shapes

Once labelled our adhesives are having a broad application window and perform well in cold, warm or wet environments. Our pressure sensitive hotmelts are supplied in coextruded pillows, 0.6l blocks, 8-20 Kg siliconised cartons and 200 l fibre drums.

Horizontal labelling

  • substrates: cold, warm and wet cans
  • labels: (metallised) paper
  • machines: Mateer Burt, Purdey Beth, Duvivier
  • properties: low odour, good machineability
  • supply: coextruded pillows, 0.6 l blocks and pastilles

Vertical labelling

  • substrates: cans and glass jars; PVC, PET and PE bottles
  • labels: paper, metallised OPP labels
  • machines: reel fed, Krones Contiroll and Canmatic, KHS, Omme,etc.
  • supply: coextruded pillows, 0.6 l blocks and  pastilles


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