Single wall paper bags are often used for the packaging of meat and bread. The bags can be glued at the side and bottom seams with adhesives of our brands Enziflex, Latyl, Multicollix Excelta or Plastomelt.

The different product types can be adjusted per application and machine type.

  • Enziflex: PVAc based adhesive used for different paper qualities
  • Latyl: Starch and PVAc based adhesives.
  • Multicollix : Starch and PVAc based adhesive
  • Plastomelt: mostly EVA based hotmelt adhesives
  • Excelta: metallocene hotmelt adhesives

Side seam gluing of single wall paper bags

Most machines are fitted with a wheel adhesive applicator. The adhesives most commonly applied here are Multicollix P 104 B and Latyl GZ 120 (higher setting speed), however, if the paper quality requires superior bonding than a better alternative is Enziflex K 6511. This adhesive is also suitable for gluing PVC, PS, OPP foils on paper bags.

A number of machines are equipped with an adhesive consumption metering system. The latter resembles a ball-point pen, connected to a bottle that releases the adhesive in controlled quantities. The adhesive must be of low viscosity to guarantee adequate flow.

The above adhesives are suitable for the bonding of standard quality paper. However, if the paper has a special coating, it is recommended to carry out a test run.

In cases where PE-coated with a sufficiently high surface tension of >40mNm is used, good adhesion is obtained using copolymer dispersion adhesives. If the surface tension is lower a special adhesive should be used. The solution to this potential problem is to use a better pre-treated PE-coated paper. When coated paper is used water evaporization from the adhesive is slower, which will increase the setting time. It is not possible to laminate two papers coated with a non water absorbent layer. Aluminium coated papers can be bonded with copolymer adhesives.

Bottom seam gluing of single wall paper bags

All machines are fitted with top gluing. Our paste adhesive Multicollix P 104 N3 is suitable for this application. The adhesive must be sufficiently viscous to prevent leaking. On the other hand, the adhesive must not be too viscous in order to be properly distributed onto the dosage roller. Otherwise too little or even no adhesive will be transferred to the bags thereby resulting in unsatisfactory gluing.

Standard quality papers can be glued well with the Multicollix P 104 N3. Production problems can occur due to viscosity fluctuations that can result from temperature differences to which this adhesive is sensitive. In case an unsatisfactory result is obtained while gluing coated paper with the starch adhesive Multicollix P 104 N3, then it is possible use an adhesive such as the Latyl Z 50, resulting in improved adhesion.

For bags with window or heavily coated or lacquered, or paraffin coated paper we advise the use of the Enziflex K 6511 BP.

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