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ParacastTM is our European brand for different types of investment casting waxes like pattern waxes, runner waxes, dip seal waxes, stick tight waxes, patching waxes and modeling waxes.

The Paracast pattern waxes can be used as molten wax in liquid injection machines or as semi-solid in extruder type injection machines. Important for the pattern wax is the dimensional performance which is determined by filler type and concentration and the complete mix of waxes, resins and polymers. The right selection of the pattern wax depends on the pressure, temperatures, dimensions of the piece and viscosity required. The Paracast pattern waxes have low ash contents to ensure high quality end pieces. Based on the selection, the usage of Paracast pattern waxes will result in:

  • exceptional flow characteristics
  • controlled setting time
  • outstanding dimensional stability
  • accurate reproduction
  • superior surface finish;
  • fast & easy dewaxing

The Paracast system waxes have:

  • balanced mechanical properties to allow tolerance during shell building
  • high internal strength
  • controlled ash content

The Paracast sticky waxes have:

  • exceptional adhesion strength
  • easy to handle
  • easy dosable pastilles

Paramelt also offers a selected range of hard & soft patching waxes to repair or seal your patterns. All patching waxes can be applied by hand or with tools.

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This overview is a limited selection of our product range. Please contact us to select the right product for your process and performance requirements.