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ParaceraTM formulated waxes are used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications and known for their high and consistent quality and outstanding performance. The products are used in skin care products like creams and lotions and decorative cosmetics like make up and eyeliners.

The complex blends of mineral hydrocarbon waxes showing the following properties:

  • excellent absorption of mineral and vegetable oils
  • forming of stable and very fine crystals
  • regulation of consistency and gel forming

Some special products giving following properties are available:

  • petroleum jelly substitutes for heat stability improvement of creams
  • skin adhesion promoters for creams
  • oil binding hardeners for decorative cosmetics

Further a range of (formulated) natural waxes like pharmacopoeia quality off 100% pure white beeswax (cera flava) and yellow beeswax (cera alba) and carnauba wax can be used as hardeners or tablet coatings.

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This overview is a limited selection of our product range. Please contact us to select the right product for your process and performance requirements.