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Paradip Nowax

Paradip NowaxTM and ParadipTM KS1/KS2 cheese wax systems based on food additives. Paradip Nowax is a formulated cheese wax based on acetoglycerides which can be used as an alternative to the conventional mineral wax. This product is formulated to have the right melting point and penetration hardness in order to be used on modified waxing machines.

In contrast to mineral waxes coatings of Paradip Nowax show permeability of gases while retaining the moisture in the cheese. This enables the product to be used on gas forming cheeses which normally have to be recoated several times.

Paradip KS1/KS2 is a system based on a 2-step coating operation. The first layer of Paradip KS1 is a food additive (acetoglyceride) and acts as a primer which absorbs the surface fat and moisture and thus provides for a good adhesion to cheese. The second layer of Paradip KS2 is a specially modified mineral cheese wax which gives a glossy (and colourful) appearance and a closed layer. Both layers are easily pealed off prior to consumption. Further this system also enables coating directly after wet salting which gives a maturing in the final packaging.

Paradip KS1/KS2 has following advantages over mineral wax coatings:

  • perfect results with soft and fat cheese
  • excellent adhesion of wax layer to the whole surface (no entrapped air/mould)
  • excellent mechanical strength of wax layer even at sharp edges (no cracks)
  • also single portions can be waxed (ready for sale)
  • waxing non-matured cheese (final packaging before maturation)

Both Paradip Nowax and Paradip KS1/KS2 are patented cheese wax systems.

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    Paradip NW Yellow 5990

    Paradip™ NW Yellow 5990 is a yellow cheese wax based on food additives. Paradip™ NW Yellow B 5990 is used on gasforming cheese. This product provides a slight gas permeable coating, allowing the gas from the cheese to escape without loosing weight. This results in a much longer shelf life of the cheese after dipping.

    cheese - wax based
    viscosity low
    gasforming cheese - cheese waxes and coatings
    Paradip Nowax
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    Asia Pacific, Americas, EMEA
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