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ParadipTM is the leading brand for (colored) cheese waxes. The growing competition for the consumers´ favour has made branding and product presentation of cheese increasingly important. Paradip cheese wax can make an important contribution to the image of a product and that is why a growing range of different coloured waxes are used to differentiate the cheeses. 

Traditional cheese waxes are specially formulated from selected ´food grade´ hydrocarbon mineral waxes. Some products may contain food grade polymers, colourants or pigments. Paramelt has also developed cheese waxes based on food additive fatty derivatives.


Special formulated waxes are used as a coating to protect cheese for:

  • mould growth
  • loosing weight
  • damage during transport

Cheese wax also helps to:

  • stop (aerobic) ripening of the cheese
  • prevent maintenance during shelf life
  • give distinctive and attractive appearance to the cheese

Types of cheeses

There is an enormous variety in types of cheeses produced all over the world. Cheese can be either soft or hard and can vary from young to matured. The performance requirements for cheese waxes therefore can differ considerably. A lot of different machines have been developed to reach high output figures in automatic cheese coating. Depending on the type of cheese and waxing machine used the following properties of a cheese wax are of importance:

  • resistance to cracking
  • high flexibility
  • appropriate congealing time
  • high coating weight
  • good flow properties
  • closed film without any pinholes
  • good adhesion to the cheese or plastic dispersion coatings
  • resistance to pressure
  • stability of colourants and pigments
  • low scuff on transport belts and machine parts
  • non blocking properties
  • good cutting properties

Coloured and uncoloured waxes

We offer a range of uncoloured and coloured waxes used for manual dipping but mainly for highly sophisticated industrial coating lines. Our coloured waxes are known for their high pigment stability and are available in different variations of yellow, orange, black, white, blue, brown, red, purple and green. All colourants and pigments are food grade qualities. A unique capability of Paramelt is that we produce our own pigment concentrates for colouring cheese waxes. This enables us to formulate a wide range of colours, determine the degree of dispersion of the pigment in the wax and the wetting properties of the wax. Another great advantage of Paradip cheese wax.

Our range of Paradip waxes offer a balanced set of properties for different applications.

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