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Paraflex Nowax

Paramelt has invested vast R&D expenditure to develop the Paraflex NowaxTM gloss and seal waxes based on fatty acid derivatives. They thank their wide use in the sweets and confectionery industry to:

  • superior gloss;
  • release to sticky dry and fatty confectionery;
  • non blocking of the coating on the reel;
  • processability on the packaging machine with very low scuff.

Coatings based on Paraflex Nowax present general advantages such as:

  • materials commonly used as approved food additives, renewable resources;
  • improved biodegradability;
  • improved repulpability.

In addition to the oleochemicals, polymers are used to add the necessary toughness and hold-out to the coating materials. These polymers are approved for direct food contact.

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