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paramelt history

In 1898, Dirk de Wit started up the Eerste Noord-Hollandse Olie- en Smeerfabriek, the first wax factory in the Netherlands. He produced paraffin based polishes for carriages and leather. With this initiative he established the basis of the wax industry in the Netherlands.

In the 1930s business had expanded widely. Purmerend and the area round about was an obvious location for selling cheese wax, and the company manufactured various different types. The commercial activities in these days were: import, export and trading in oils, fats and semi-refined paraffin wax, which were bleached and refined and sold as raw materials to industry. They supplied montan wax for carbon paper, paraffin wax as a basis for sweeping compounds and polishing waxes, special waxes for the cosmetics and dental sectors (e.g. casting waxes for dentares) and impregnating wax for the textile industry. 

The basis of Paramelt as it is today, is formed by a merger in 1977 of two Dutch companies namely Paramelt and Syntac. Both of these companies originate from the company Dirk de Wit established in 1898.

The 1990’s

During the 1990s Paramelt rapidly grew by taking over competitors or by buying their wax businesses. The production related to these businesses was subsequently integrated in the Dutch production organisation.

  • 1993  take over of RMC Belix, Antilly (F)
  • 1996  Paramelt Syntac and RMC Belix are renamed Paramelt
  • 1996  take over of wax activities of Van Stockum (D)
  • 1996  take over of Schlickum Werke (D)
  • 1997  take over of wax activities of Chr. Hansen (DK)
  • 1998  take over of wax activities of H.B. Fuller (D)

In order to cope with the considerable growth of the business in Western Europe, sales offices have been established in France, Germany, Sweden and Denmark. The combination of all these businesses has also led to an international team of people working to serve the markets needs.

The comprehensive history of Paramelt’s first century has been outlined in the book 100 years Paramelt: a century in wax 1898-1998.

The period 2000 - 2009

In February 2002 Scholten Adhesives (Veendam, The Netherlands) has been acquired from AVEBE, world leader in potato starch and derivates. For Paramelt this acquisition is a strategic move forward into adhesives and aqueous dispersions. The operation has been continued as Paramelt Veendam B.V. and now is an integral and rapidly expanding part of Paramelt.

    • In April 2005 Paramelt acquired Honeywell´s Industrial Wax activities in Europe and Asia. With this acquisition Paramelt has created a strong base for future growth in the Asia Pacific region.
    • In October 2005 the blended wax business of H&R in Chorley was acquired and integrated in Paramelt. At the same time the Paramelt UK sales office was established on the former H&R premises.

2010 and beyond

In 2010 Paramelt established itself in the USA with the acquisition of a number of investment casting wax producers: M. Argüeso & Co (Muskegon MI and Rosemead CA), Koster Keunen USA (acquisition of investment casting activities), and Kindt-Collins (Cleveland, OH). With the M. Argüeso acquisition the investment casting wax activities in China were integrated in the Paramelt's manufacturing site in Suzhou, Jiangsu.

  • In September 2011 Evonik sold it's Dilavest® expansion wax business to Paramelt.
  • In October 2011 Paramelt took over the adhesives activities of BENEO-Bio Based Chemicals, a subdivision of the functional food ingredient company BENEO.
  • In 2015 Paramelt acquired Valan Wax Products Ltd casting wax recycling facility serving mainly the UK investment casting market which moved location in 2018 to Redditch, UK
  • In 2017 the Ter Group has become the 100% shareholder of Paramelt.