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Paramelt introduces low melt metallocene hotmelt

November 19, 2009 - With the introduction of the Plastomelt Excelta® LM1, Paramelt sets a new standard in low application temperature metallocene hotmelts. Excelta LM1 offers the industry a combination of the unique benefits of the Excelta technology, excellent adhesion, reduced adhesive consumption and total costs with the benefits of a processing temperature as low as 120°C.

Over the last 10 to 15 years two packaging hot melt technologies have been competing: low melts and metallocene based hot melts. Since both technologies have clear advantages, Paramelt believed in the potential of combining the two.

Metallocene based hotmelt has proven to be superior in packaging applications and is today rapidly replacing both yellow and white EVA based hot melts in end of line packaging operations. It is offering lower consumption, better bonding performance and much cleaner running with less adhesive related downtime.

The main benefit of low melt technology is reduced risk of burning and lower energy consumption as a result of a much lower application temperature. Until recently these products were still based on traditional hotmelt technology.

Ever since the introduction of metallocene hot melts in the late 90’s, Paramelt has strongly believed in the benefits it offers to its users and through extensive cooperation with its customers has build considerable knowledge and experience with its Excelta range. ‘However the market was increasingly asking not only for an adhesive that could be used for multiple tasks, but doing so at lower application temperature combining the two technologies’, says Peter Szöts, Product Manager Hot Melt Adhesives of Paramelt.

To meet this market demand Paramelt introduce Excelta LM1 (Low Melt) which combines the unique benefits of metallocene based hot melts with a low application temperature. Peter Szöts says: ‘We are aware of the fact that there have been products with an even lower application temperature, but we choose to set this target because our priority is product versatility, not having the lowest application temperature’.

The practical benefit is that Excelta LM1 is used as a low melt for closing large corrugated boxes, wrap around boxes, light trays and bag closing. At more conventional temperatures the Excelta LM1 can be used for closing small boxes on very fast packaging machines, side seam bonding and for sift proof applications. The Excelta LM1 can handle deep freeze conditions and provides a heat resistant bond up to 60°C – and of course everything in between.

‘We achieved a unique combination of high hot tack, medium to long open time and a very short setting time. Versatility is now a real option, not a compromise!

If you use a traditional yellow or white EVA hotmelt, or if you currently use a low melt, testing and changing over to the Excelta LM1 is easy. It is a fast way to reduce costs on the packaging line with the benefit of having an even safer bond. The Excelta LM1 will also perfectly replace first generation metallocene hotmelts.