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toll processing

Do you intend to focus on your core business and outsource part of your production? You can rely on our experience. Paramelt has proven many well known partners that contract manufacturing is a viable and reliable alternative.

Our services include formulating thermoplastic products, PU adhesives and aqueous emulsions and dispersions. Products can be supplied as granules, pastilles, prills and slabs, or as a bulk liquid.


  • state of the art analytical capabilities (e.g. DSC, FTIR, GC,..);
  • well equipped QC laboratory;
  • knowledgeable staff;
  • process and product development.

 Mixing and blending

  • low viscosity waxes or fatty acid derivates and surfactants;
  • high viscosity blends of EVA, APAO, thermoplastic block copolymers;
  • mixing of rubber based compounds with medium to high viscosities;
  • deodorising and bleaching of waxes and oils;
  • blending of dextrine, PVOH or other powder products;
  • diluting and blending of powders in water;
  • blending of polymer dispersions;
  • blending of polyurethane adhesives.

 Confectioning of thermoplastic products (e.g. hotmelt adhesives)

  • prilling to powder;
  • pastillating of products with low to medium viscosities;
  • granulating of products with medium to high viscosities;
  • coextruded pressure sensitive hotmelt pillows;
  • slabbing of products with low to medium viscosities.

 Emulsions & dispersions

  • all water based;
  • atmospheric, direct and indirect pressure emulsions;
  • waxes, resins or polymers;
  • bulk storage capacity;
  • supply in 23 ton tanktruck, 1 mt ibc, 200 kg PE drums.