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what makes us different

Partnership is the core of our relationship with our customers. We invest time to seek out the best possible performance, together with our customers, and see it through until the new development is working in the customer’s application.

Whether it is a short term development or longer term research project – such as in our new water based technology for the packaging industry – we demonstrate our loyalty and commitment to our customers.

'loyalty and commitment'

We work closely with our customers by bringing our knowledge and expertise to the development and production process. This long established know-how and experience can be found in every department of the company and results from many years in the business. Throughout the company we share the commitment to constantly provide products of high quality and reliable performance to our customers.

What differentiates us
We want to be the best in what we do and believe that the combination of our experienced professionals and most advanced technology will enable us to craft the products to achieve this.

This has shaped our organisation and corporate culture. We offer a strategy based on partnership, trust, and stability. We see that as a precondition for building long-lasting relationships with customers and maintaining the belief and commitment of our staff.