polyurethane & solvent based adhesives

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Polyurethane & solvent based adhesives

Polyurethane and solvent-based adhesives are used to provide strong and durable bonds in a number of technical applications.

Paramelt provides a broad range of 1 and 2-component PU adhesives as well as solvent-bourne adhesives based on rubbers like SBS, SEBS, PIB, nitrile or natural rubber primarily for construction applications.

Developing adhesives to fit your needs

As Paramelt we have been in construction adhesives for many years. Because of the ever-changing materials and requirements, we develop just the right formulation to meet your technical, commercial and application requirements.

main applicationsĀ 

Some of our main applications for polyurethanes & solvent-based adhesives are:

roofing membranes
roofing insulation
sandwich panels