leaders in waxes, adhesives and coatings
with a history of looking ahead.

waxes, hot melts and water-based coatings for paper, film & foil

hot melt adhesives for end-of-line packaging applications

water-based & hot melt labelling adhesives for bottles, cans & jars

water-based adhesives for paper & board converting

natural & mineral cheese waxes

microcrystalline wax additives & specialty blends for chewing gum

mineral, natural & specialty waxes for personal care & decorative cosmetics

specialty waxes for histology, pharma, dental & nutrition delivery

formulated specialty waxes for ozone protection

formulated waxes for internal lubrification of polymers

adhesives for partial or full surface gluing of single-ply roofing membranes

1C polyurethane adhesives for gluing flat roof insulation

polyurethane adhesives for sandwich panel construction

hot melt & water based adhesives for e.g.strapping band & airfilter construction

both filled or unfilled, virgin & reclaimed pattern waxes

virgin & reclaimed runner waxes for clean & robust gating systems

fiber free & fiber filled soluble waxes for fast leaching cores

finishing & mounting waxes enabling production of the ideal pattern assembly

preformed runner systems such as wax extrusions & injected parts

tailored services for recovery & re-use of spent autoclave waxes

expansion waxes used in thermostats & other thermo-activated control devices

high-purity poultry defeathering waxes for automated & manual processes

specialty wax blends for the thermal transfer ribbon industry

waxes play a vital role in applications like adhesives, coatings & inks, glass & metal processing

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Toll manufacturing, viable & reliable

Do you intend to focus on your core business and outsource part of your production? On a daily basis Paramelt has proven to many well known partners that contract manufacturing is a viable and reliable alternative. Want to know more about our approach and our capabilities in processing thermoplastic products?

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