Wax coatings

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Wax coatings

Waxes are used in many applications to provide a functional coating. This ranges from where the wax is providing a barrier, as a low temperature melting, low viscosity diluent or providing gloss, release or hydrophobicity.

Coatings are commonly based on paraffin wax, microcrystalline wax or hardened vegetable oils. Other functionalities like specific adhesion or heat seal is enhanced by the addition of functional polymers, resins, pigments, dyes and other additives.

Constantly discovering new wax applications

With our global supply network we have access to a huge portfolio of waxes and additives. We are constantly uncovering new possibilities across a diverse range of industry applications.

Toll manufacturing opportunities

In addition to providing fully tailored wax solutions, we also work with a number of partners where our unique experience, material portfolio and process capability offers a value added contribution to their business through bespoke developments or tolling.

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main applications 

Some of our main applications for wax-based coatings are:

vegetable wax coatings
heat seal waxes
cheese waxes

Toll manufacturing, viable & reliable

Do you intend to focus on your core business and outsource part of your production? On a daily basis Paramelt has proven to many well known partners that contract manufacturing is a viable and reliable alternative. Want to know more about our approach and our capabilities in processing thermoplastic products?

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