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Our approach

Thanks to our highly experienced personnel and global operating footprint, we have access to the widest possible range of raw materials and extensive product knowledge. Combined with our broad technology base for the blending, compounding and confectioning of wax based, water based and solvent based systems, we aim to tailor optimized product solutions for our customers.

'.. committed to deliver consistently high-quality products and solutions...'

We are active in a diverse range of end use applications ranging, from packaging, cosmetics and food products to materials for aerospace, medical prosthetics and even thermostats. We develop and produce waxes, adhesives and dispersions that are formulated to precisely match our customers' targeted performance criteria. In all our areas of activity, we are committed to deliver consistently high-quality products and solutions providing reliable performance in our customers’ applications.

Whilst we maintain a global network of trained and motivated staff, we also choose to operate through a carefully selected global network of agents and distributors, who are chosen to complement our own capabilities and together mean that we are best able to service customers all over the world.

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What makes us different


Partnership is the core of our relationship with our customers. We invest time to seek out the best possible performance, together with our customers and see it through until the new development is working in the customers' application.

Whether a responsive development or extensive research project – such as our innovative Aquaseal water-based

technology – we demonstrate our ongoing loyalty and commitment to our customers.

'loyalty and commitment'

We work closely with our customers by bringing our knowledge and expertise to the development and production process.

This long established know-how and experience can be found in every department of the company and results from many years in the business.

Throughout the company we share the commitment to constantly provide products of high performance and reliable quality to our customers.

Our history goes back to the first wax factory in the Netherlands

The success was built largely on the production of cheese coatings. Since then we have expanded and diversified greatly, both through acquisition and product and market development, resulting in a truly global presence.

Where we are heading

At the heart of our enterprise remains our entrepreneurial Dutch character. Open, direct, pragmatic: results-oriented, enterprising and informal and above all, a loyal partner who keeps its word.

Over recent decades we have been driving rapid growth and diversification of our business. We are constantly exploring new markets and engaging in new opportunities wherever they are in the world. The result is that we now have a global sourcing, manufacturing and marketing structure in place.

'..we have a history of looking ahead..'


Growth, though, is not an end in itself. For us it is a means to ensure continuity, to offer customers even greater reliability of supply, to remain independent and to stay ahead of the competition. We have been here for a long time and we’re here to stay. After all, we have a history of looking ahead….

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Privately owned by Ter Group

Paramelt is part of the Ter Group, a family owned company that has earned a reputation for worldwide, reliable distribution, production and trade of chemical raw materials since 1908.

Ter Group is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany with a global network of subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and the USA.

Paramelt adds a strong component of production and R&D capabilities to the Ter Group’s trading, distribution and plastics compounding activities. In 2022 the Ter Group generated a turnover of € 1.080 million with around 1100 employees. More details about the companies and activities can be found on Ter Group.

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With 8 production facilities delivering in more than 80 countries, we have truly global perspective and local service.

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