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Dip-seal waxes

Our dip-seal waxes are used to enhance the surface finish of runner systems to minimize shell inclusions and facilitate efficient dewaxing, mitigating the potential for shell cracking.

Stick-tight waxes

Paramelt’s comprehensive range of stick-tight waxes provides controlled bond strength across the full range of different wax types and assembly dimensions in the market.

Patch & utility waxes

Our Patch-Eze™ patch & utility waxes are employed at low or ambient temperature for the repair of imperfect or damaged components in the assembly.

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Our accessory waxes bring it all together...

Paramelt’s utility and patching waxes are for filleting or repairing wax patterns that may have been damaged after injection. We offer a number of different grades that have varying hardness, spreadability and workability. The selection of the right patch or utility wax will maximize the efficiency in repairing damaged patterns and reduce the labor time required.

Our skilled team will assist in selecting the right patch wax that will give the best result for each customer’s specific needs. All of our patch and utility waxes are completely compatible with any pattern wax used in the industry and all burn out very cleanly.

Paramelt’s stick-tight waxes (also referred to as 'sticky waxes') remain the industry standard with their high performance and stability. Paramelt has a number of proven options to choose from, and our experienced team makes selecting the right sticky wax for your application a snap.

Stick-tight waxes are used in the investment casting process for rapid and effective sprue assembly construction, bonding wax components together, and to attach patterns to the sprue assembly. These specially designed materials can create bonds stronger than the waxes they are joining together, ensuring the completed assembly has the necessary strength to survive the rough handling during the shell building process.

Paramelt’s stick-tight waxes stand out from our competitors as they are designed with materials that are fully compatible with the other waxes used in the foundry process, insuring that if the process spent wax is to be reclaimed, there will be no surprises. As with all of Paramelt waxes, our stick-tight waxes are made from the best raw materials and will burnout cleanly.

Paramelt’s Dip Seal waxes deliver smooth, even coatings that cover defects and poor surface conditions of runners and sprues, reducing defects from shell contamination during metal pouring. With their low viscosities and melting points, they also aid in the reduction of shell cracking by liquifying quickly and migrating into the shell easily. This creates a relief space for the sprue wax to expand without applying too much hydrostatic pressure on the shell during dewax.

We have several formulations that insure maximum compatibility with the sprue wax, and include products that improve shell adhesion and those that are designed for hot knife welding along with traditional stick-tight pattern mounting.

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