Water-based coatings

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Water-based coatings

Water-based functional coatings are used in an enormously broad range of applications. Paramelt provides both a technology platform for unique polymer dispersions as well as formulated coatings.

Constantly discovering new coating applications

Our ability to disperse high molecular weight thermoplastics opens up a whole new potential range of applications for these materials. We are constantly uncovering new possibilities across a diverse range of industry applications.

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In addition to providing fully tailored solutions, we also work with a number of partners where our unique experience and process capability offers a value added contribution to their business through bespoke developments or tolling.

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Aquaseal™ polymer dispersions

Paramelt operates an unique high shear, mechanical process enabling the dispersion of thermoplastic polyolefins and styrene block copolymers at high solids in water.

These dispersions form the Aquaseal range and encompass a many different materials such as PE, PP, EVA, EAA, EMAA, EBA, EMA, Surlyn, SIS, SBS and SEBS.

For the first time, this unique capability allows the application of high molecular weight extrusion grade plastics by dip coating, spray application or roller coating onto both flat and 3-dimensional surfaces.

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Formulated coatings

In addition to the production of novel Aquaseal polymer dispersions, Paramelt also manufactures an extensive range of fully formulated functional coatings and adhesives for numerous applications.

The broad range of materials and applications we cover provide extensive experience in different binder systems and formulatory additives.

This enables us to support our customers with effective and efficient solutions to their coating requirements.

Aquaseal™ technology platform

Paramelt established the world’s first commercial capability for the mechanical dispersion of high molecular weight, thermoplastic polyolefins and styrene block copolymers in water.

Benefits of Aquaseal™

The introduction of the novel Aquaseal technology opens up the full formulatory envelope, allowing the coating designer to completely optimise target properties, without the need to compromise for dispersibility.

main applications 

Some of our main applications for water-based coatings are:

Due to the flexibility of our polymer dispersion technology we are able to combine dissimilar materials in a single water-based coating which provides a broad range of compatibility between both polar and non-polar surfaces. This provides unique flexibility in applications such as primer treatments, tie layers, polymer blends, for instance at glass/polymer or metal/polymer interfaces.

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Glass fibers are widely used as strengthening and reinforcing components in composite material construction. Most frequently, the matrix material of these composites is selected from a thermoplastic polymer giving the desired physical, thermal and chemical baseline characteristics. In many cases, these polymers are relatively low polarity and as a result have poor compatibility with the highly polar glass fibers. A compatibilizing treatment or size is therefore required to modify the surface chemistry of the glass to provide sufficient interfacial adhesion to the matrix.

At the same time a number of factors, for example chemical resistance and thermal stability, must be optimized to ensure the overall integrity of the composite and preclude that the sizing material becomes a weak point in the structure.

Whilst the primary function of the sizing agent is to enhance the composite material itself, there can also be significant advantages in the fiber production process. By appropriate selection of the sizing material, it can for example provide reduced staticity, fiber reinforcement (e.g. to prevent fiber breakages and fuzz generation) and lubricity (e.g. strand chopping or weaving).

We offer a range of Syncera™ wax emulsions and Aquaseal™ polymer dispersions, including direct food contact approved grades, to meet the requirements of the glass fiber sizing industry. Please contact us for more details regarding your specific requirements.

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We produce a range of novel thermoplastic elastomers dispersions which offer significant potential in the field of energy dissipative composites such as anti-ballistic elements.

These formulated coatings provide targeted adhesion to specific high strength materials such as UHMWPE and Aramid fibers which enable the production of uni-axial sheets suitable for heat lamination into high strength cross-ply structures.

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A combination of characteristics such as flexibility, durability and barrier offer the potential for the use of these unique polymer dispersions as barrier coatings on open structures such as paper, board, textiles and non-wovens.

The ability to disperse a range of high molecular weight functional polymers in water enables us to formulate tailored heat seal coatings. In addition, this unique technology allows us to blend dissimilar polymers to achieve targeted sealing against a range of specific substrates. Our heat seal coatings are mainly used in flexible packaging applications for paper, film and foil.


Aquaseal heat seal & barrier coatings

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