Fiber-free soluble waxes

A full range of soluble waxes are available to tackle most standard applications giving good dimensional accuracy, fast leaching and excellent surface finish.

Fiber-filled soluble waxes

Where enhanced strength is a requirement from the soluble wax for highly complex large geometries, fiber-filled soluble waxes are used to prevent crazing or cracking of the core.

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Soluble waxes you can rely on:

Our fiber-filled soluble wax offerings give dimensional accuracy, fast leaching, and excellent surface finish, all while meeting the need for enhanced strength. Especially good for thick sections and complex geometries that have thick and thin sections near each other, our line of technically advanced fiber-filled soluble waxes eliminate crazing and cracking of the cores. The added strength provided by the fiber reinforcement allows you to eliminate chills on thick parts. Our line of fiber-filled soluble waxes must be properly melted and conditioned in traditional melting tanks as opposed to inclined melters. Typically, all the components except for the fibers themselves will dissolve in water.

Paramelt has a sub-line of fiber-filled soluble waxes that contain non-soluble filler agents designed for extremely large core components. They are most suited for applications where regular soluble waxes are too slow setting for commercial production. These products require additional tank clean-up after dissolution of the core, but are frequently the only way to achieve very large soluble cores in a commercial operation.

Our fiber-free soluble wax offerings give dimensional accuracy, fast leaching, and excellent surface finish. The lack of fibers makes disposal of the water bath a breeze. The fiber-free versions also melt on inclined melters as opposed to traditional tank melting that is required for fiber-reinforced versions. All of our fiber-free versions are designed for quick leaching in a warm water bath that contains a small amount of acid to help expedite the leaching process.  Various colors are also available to help distinguish between the different waxes used in the wax room.

Creating a core within wax patterns should not be a time consuming and costly process. Paramelt has closely worked with investment casters from around the world to develop some ingenious formulas precisely for creating cores. Our portfolio of quick dissolving soluble waxes has been developed to tackle the needs of both large and small cores.

Paramelt Water Soluble Waxes will easily dissolve with no residue left behind. These waxes are scientifically engineered for consistency, accuracy and to make your most difficult castings easier and faster.

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