wax blends & wax emulsions

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Wax blends & wax emulsions

Unlock the value in our global sourcing and supply capabilities combined with our manufacturing presence and technical excellence to optimize your business.

Whether you need to secure your raw material stream, optimize your manufacturing process or consolidate your supply chain, we are able to help through our worldwide presence and expertise.

Developing waxes to fit your needs

Paramelt is the largest independent global wax blender and has access to an enormous range of waxes and additives. Build on our extensive knowledge and capabilities, we develop just the right blend to meet your technical, commercial and manufacturing requirements.

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In addition to providing fully tailored wax solutions, we also work with a number of partners where our unique experience, material portfolio and process capability offers a value added contribution to their business through bespoke developments or tolling.

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More about our capabilities in wax blends and wax emulsions:

The world of wax includes an extremely broad range of wax types with different physical and chemical characteristics. Primary raw material sources only provide a finite product range within each family of specific waxes offering limited, well defined characteristics.

The formulator’s knowledge is key to translate these material features into the desired performance requirements. A large part of our activities are focused on using our knowledge and experience to select and blend components to supply functional and consistent grades of wax with targeted properties.

In addition, waxes are frequently combined with many different types of rosin and hydrocarbon based resins as well as olefinic polymers (e.g. EVA, PE, EMA) and other additives, such as stabilizers, fillers, pigments and dyes.

'this blending space represents the heart of Paramelt’s core business.'

We are able to select and combine the right balance of ingredients to consistently deliver the desired functionality, whilst also simplifying supply chain and manufacturing complexity for our customers. Buying pre-blended waxes from Paramelt brings our customers significant benefits to their business in aspects such as:

  • Security of supply
  • Streamlined supply chain
  • Cost savings
  • Simplify your process
  • Materials handling
  • Appropriate supply form
  • Quality & consistency
  • Optimal performance
  • Technical service

Many applications require the functionality of a wax into a water based formulation, such as water based flexible packaging coatings & inks, paints, lacquers and polishes, leather & textile treatments, fiber sizing agents, glass & ceramic bottle and jar treatments.

Paramelt has a comprehensive manufacturing capability for the production of wax emulsions and polymer dispersions, encompassing atmospheric and pressure emulsification, high-pressure homogenization, continuous mechanical dispersion and high shear mixing.

Through our activities in water based coatings and adhesives, we also have extensive mixing and blending facilities for water based systems, which enable us to incorporate our wax, and polymer, emulsions into formulated aqueous blends where required.

Although we are not strongly active in the mainstream wax emulsion market, we have developed and now supply an extensive range of wax emulsions to meet bespoke customer requirements. Within this range of products, we can offer anionic, cationic, nonionic and mixed surfactant systems across a broad range of wax families including:

  • HDPE and LDPE wax emulsions (oxidized and non-oxidized)
  • MA grafted PP wax emulsions
  • Montan and carnauba wax emulsions
  • Paraffin and microcrystalline wax emulsions
  • EAA and EVA wax emulsions
  • Fatty acid and vegetable wax emulsions

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Do you intend to focus on your core business and outsource part of your production? On a daily basis Paramelt has proven to many well known partners that contract manufacturing is a viable and reliable alternative. Want to know more about our approach and our capabilities in processing thermoplastic products?

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