extrusions and injected components

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Wax extrusions

Our wax extrusions deliver high performance for short run custom sprue systems and are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and product types.

Injected wax components

From our Valan Wax facility in the UK, we offer a range of injected parts for runner and gating systems using our own waxes or from your reclaim stream. We are also able to integrate additional components such as mounting rods, pouring cups, filters etc.

paramelt products

Extrusions and injected components: let us carry the load.

Paramelt’s UK site, also known as Valan Wax Products Ltd, offers a range of injected wax parts for use as runner and gating systems. From simple configurations to complex gating incorporating filters and pour cups, we will work with you to create a gating solution that is affordable, consistent and reliable. We offer standard configurations that can help alleviate the short-term demands or can fill your complete production needs.

Our Extruded Wax Shapes are designed to deliver high performance for short-run custom sprue systems. Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, we offer several standard formulas ranging from extremely flexible to highly rigid. The very low melting points and viscosity of Wax Extrusions permit rapid mold evacuations, relieving pressure and virtually eliminating shell crack problems.

These precision waxes can:

  • Allow you to easily create custom wax assemblies unrestricted in design by conventional injection dies.
  • Release injection equipment for other production needs.
  • Contribute to faster sprue construction and reduced set-up times

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