product assembly

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Plastoflex™, Plastomelt™ and Excelta™ hot melt adhesives

In our hot melt adhesive portfolio, we offer Plastoflex™ pressure sensitive adhesives and EVA-based or metallocene PO-based structural adhesives, respectively called Plastomelt™ and Excelta™.

Latyl™ & Enziflex™ water-based adhesives

Our range of water-based products for product assembly consists of homo-polymer, co-polymer, acrylic and starch-based adhesives under the Latyl™ and Enziflex™ brands.

applications we serve

Our water-based and hot melt adhesives can be found in many market segments. These are the main markets we serve:

Document and shipping-bags


Gypsum board

Air filters

Pocket springs and mattresses

Strapping bands


Below you find the main product leaflets for this market.

Adhesives for gypsum

construction adhesives are in our dna

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