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Reclaim services

Paramelt offers comprehensive reclamation services for foundries to clean spent autoclave wax or scrap wax. The wax can be returned either for further formulation at the foundry or as a ready to use pattern or sprue wax.

Recycling services

Where foundries have no further use for discarded autoclave wax, Paramelt can collect this (former) waste stream and further process it to recover a useable base wax and arrange for the safe disposal of the redundant components.

Advanced Tech-clean™ process

In addition to the standard reclamation process, Paramelt’s state-of-the-art Tech-clean™ process achieves ash and residue levels approaching those of virgin wax.

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Our reclaim & recycling services:

The Basic-Clean process is best suited to customers with high filler content waxes. The process limits loss of volume by keeping the majority of the filler material in the wax, while removing the refractory contamination and water.

This process is primarily suited for customers that are pouring non-reactive metals as the residual ash content will be higher than a fully recycled or virgin wax product. The high yields of the process are useful for keeping costs low for very price sensitive markets.

Paramelt’s Tech-clean™ process has been optimized over several decades. It removes all water, solid particulates and metallic contaminations from the spent wax, essentially scrubbing the wax from its contaminants.

This process is able to be used on both filled and non-filled wax reclaim streams, and the resulting tech-cleaned wax has an ash content similar to virgin wax. The tech-cleaned reclaimed wax can be used for sprue and gating, as well as a component in pattern waxes to help reduce overall wax costs, disposal costs of spent wax and result in a greener operation.

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