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Benefits of adhesive use

Increasing energy efficiency demands in the construction sector are driving the requirement for improved building insulation across the board, including the contribution from the roof structure. As a result the insulation materials being employed in flat roofing structure are getting thicker to increase the R-value and reduce heat loss.

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Adhesive bonding of the insulation material has a number of significant advantages. In contrast to mechanical fixings, the thickness of the insulation does not have a significant impact on the ease of application, whereas mechanical fixings are beginning to reach their practical limitations. In addition, the use of mechanical fixings inherently lead to the creation of cold-bridges across the insulating layer, thus reducing its thermal efficiency.

Additionally, adhesives inherently provide superior anchorage for the insulation, since the material is bonded across a much larger surface area rather than a limited number of fixing points. As a result, strong winds present no problem due to better distribution of forces over the roof area.

The use of adhesives in place of mechanical fixings also brings a number of contractor related benefits. For example, the adhesive bonding of the insulation is far quicker to complete, when compared with the time required for drilling and fixing with mechanical fasteners. In addition, the noise nuisance to occupants of a building when the roof is being renewed, is much less when the adhesive bonding method is used.

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Our range of adhesives for roofing insulation:

This 1K polyurethane (ready to use) adhesive is a solvent-free, moisture curing product and is suitable for virtually all types of insulation materials currently in use, as well as for a wide range of substrates.

These substrates can be coated profiled metal, metal sheeting, bituminous covering, concrete and wooden sections such as underlayment, plywood and chipboard. Insulation materials can be expanded or extruded polystyrene, polyurethane, poly(isocyanate), mineral wool or expanded perlite.

Paramelt’s Dynol roof insulation adhesives are highly foaming products, specifically designed to allow the levelling out of irregularities up to 5mm in size, between the substrate and the insulation material.

The adhesive is permanently elastic and as a result is readily able to absorb significant movements in the roof structure due to thermal or mechanical influences.


Insulation adhesive properties

The adhesive is permanently elastic and as a result is readily able to absorb significant movements in the roof structure due to thermal or mechanical influences. The following properties of the adhesive are important.

  • Gap-filling (foaming) properties
  • Initial strength
  • Open time
  • Cure time
  • Flexibility adhesive layer
  • Aging

private label packaging

Private label packaging
Private label packaging

Paramelt has a long and successful history of supplying products across the construction sector, giving us extensive insight into the complex demands of this industry group. We are able to offer a number of standard, neutral packaging forms, which can be tailored to your specifications using your own labelling.

We have an established network of suppliers for both print and packaging materials. Together with our in-house expertise on material health and safety (CLP) and transport regulations, this enables us to manage the entire supply chain for bespoke product packaging.

Our standard packaging options are listed below, however the size and type of packaging can be adapted, if necessary to meet new demands.

  • 1 -30L rectangular tin cans
  • 1 -30L conical tin cans
  • 14 and 22L pressured canisters
  • 1L aerosol cans
  • 600 ml Aluminium sausages
  • 200 L drums

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We search for distributors
We search for distributors

Partnership and trust is our working model, backed by high quality, consistent and effective products , provided through our global manufacturing and supply chain networks.

We have a small and focussed direct sales organisation and rely on strong partners to complement our worldwide customer presence. If you feel our products and experience can add performance to your business, then please get in touch and discuss the possibilities.


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Adhesives for roofing membranes and insulation

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