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Our services cover a wide range of technologies including formulating thermoplastic products, solvent-based adhesives and aqueous emulsions, adhesives and coatings. Products can be supplied as granules, pastilles, prills, slabs as well as packaged or bulk liquid.

Processing and blending

  • GMP/HACCP/Halal/Kosher capabilities;
  • Low viscosity waxes or fatty acid derivates and surfactants;
  • High viscosity blends of EVA, APAO, thermoplastic block copolymers;
  • Mixing of rubber based compounds with medium to high viscosities;
  • Deodorizing, bleaching or fractionating of waxes and oils.


  • Prilling to powder;
  • Pastillating of products with low to medium viscosities;
  • Granulating of products with medium to high viscosities (max. 150.000 mPa.s);
  • Slabbing of products with low to medium viscosities.

Processing and blending

  • State of the art fully automated plant build according the latest safety standards;
  • Blending of solvents with rubber-based compounds, polyols, isocyanates, additives and fillers;
  • High viscosity blends;
  • Paste adhesives.


  • Drum and IBC filling;
  • Small quantities filling line for cans ranging from 0.25 – 30 kg.

Processing and blending

  • GMP environment suitable for food contact applications;
  • Atmospheric, direct and indirect pressure emulsions of waxes, resins or polymers;
  • Homogenization;
  • Blending of water based coating and adhesive formulations;
  • Production of aqueous solutions and slurries.


  • Bulk storage capacity;
  • Supply in tanktruck, IBC/totes, drums and hobbocks
  • We have state of the art analytical capabilities, including DSC, FTIR, GC and GC-MS, rheology and SALS laser particle sizing;
  • Our development laboratories have comprehensive suite of application testing facilities such as mechanical properties, surface analysis, heat seal as well as pilot facilities for wax injection, surface coating and process development;
  • Our production departments are supported by fully equipped QC laboratories;
  • Process development is underpinned with pilot production facilities for e.g. blending, emulsification, dispersion and fractioning

We produce in food safe facilities

why paramelt

Our operations offer a secure, efficient & reliable alternative.

We have implemented coherent Quality Systems across our global operations to ensure compliance with all market required standards (our certifications).

  • Europe  : ISO 9001:2015, FSSC 22000 (Heerhugowaard), Halal and Kosher capabilities
  • USA       : ISO 9001:2015
  • China    : ISO 9001:2015, IATF 16949:2009, FSSC 22000 (Wang Jiang Road)

2021 Customer survey results on customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score NPS:

  • Europe  : 8,4   -   NPS: 43
  • USA       : 9,1    -   NPS: 68

In 2018 Paramelt was awarded the Customer Experience Award for highest NPS in the sector Manufacturing & Trade.

Thanks to our global presence we are able to maintain a comprehensive, worldwide raw material sourcing network.

Our size enables us to take advantage of scale economies in strategic raw materials.

We can provide full service for specialties e.g. small batches and unique raw materials as well as large volume high throughput processes.

As a large sized, privately owned company we have the independence and autonomy to enable us to invest in process modification where needed.

Paramelt is a financially stable company with D&B rating 1.

In Europe and the USA we operate highly protected sites in both Heerhugowaard and Muskegon achieving FM Global HPR status for reliability and operational continuity.

We ensure the appropriate manufacturing environments to secure regulatory compliance such as GMP and HACCP.

Our extensive global supply chain allows us to guarantee continuity of supply, even in times of material shortages.

Our operations are supported by secure Process Management Systems.

  • Oracle E-business suite
    fully integrated systems from order to invoice, specialization in formulating industry;
    formulations, specifications and process routings;
    full traceability and lot genealogy.
  • Aurea CRM
    Controlled management of complaint handling as well as internal deviations;
    Management of Change.
  • WMS warehouse management system
    Stock management.
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