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Paraflex portfolio

The Paraflex™ portfolio of waxes and hot melts consists of gloss and heat seal waxes for paper converting, laminating waxes for paper, aluminium and film complexes and heat seal hot melts for a wide array of applications in paper, film and foil converting.

Paraflex Nowax™

Our complementary Paraflex Nowax™ range offers equivalent functionality to the standard mineral wax range but using natural, bio-based waxes.


The water based Aquaseal™ packaging coatings range for heat seal and barrier applications are formulated polymer dispersions based on i.e. PE, PP, EVA or EAA polymers.

We produce in food safe facilities

  • Barrier
  • Release
  • Heat seal
For substrates
  • Paper
  • Film
  • Foil

Aquaseal™ 2077 - low temp seal

With Products
  • Wax
  • Hot melt
  • Bio based
  • Water based
  • Printing
  • Coating
  • Lamination

paramelt products

Our range of waxes, hot melts and water based coatings:

The Aquaseal packaging coatings range is based on a unique, proprietary, high-solids mechanical dispersion technology. This platform enables the production of water-based dispersions of high molecular weight, thermoplastic polyolefins and styrene block copolymers in water.

These unique polymer dispersions bring significant advantages over existing solvent-based lacquers, water-based emulsions and extrusion coatings for the conversion of paper, film and foil.

A number of key applications have been developed for each of the principal flexible packaging substrate types.

Paper coatings

A number of Aquaseal grades are available, based on extrusion grade polyolefins such as Surlyn™ ionomers, EAA, mLD-PE, PP and EVA. These materials offer a number of potential benefits such as heat sealability, moisture barrier and recyclability.

In contrast to typical paper coatings based on water-based emulsions, such as acrylic and PVDC, Aquaseal functional coatings offer superior humidity resistance and hot-tack performance, equivalent to extrusion coated papers.

A range of Aquaseal grades are available for:

Heat sealable papers
for flexible packaging

  • Full surface coating
  • In-register patterned coatings

Barrier coatings
moisture & grease resistance

  • MVTR & Cobb
  • Kitt & OGR

In-mould labelling
heat activated coatings

  • injection moulding IML-I
  • thermoforming IML-T
  • blow moulding IML-B

Film coatings

Aquaseal also find application in surface coatings of polymeric films, such as BOPP, BOPET and cellophane to provide targeted sealing performance such as

  • low seal initiation temperature (LTS)
  • high seal integrity (hermeticity)
  • sealing against specific substrates e.g. glass, polypropylene
  • enhanced hot-tack
  • in-mould labelling grades for PE, PP, PS and PET
  • primers

Foil coatings
A full range of functional coatings have been developed for aluminium foil as an alternative to the traditional solvent-based lacquers, extrusion coating or laminating solutions.

Products are available for

  • Heat sealable chocolate foils
  • Heat seal lidding
  • Induction sealing
  • Pharma blisters
  • Processed cheese foil
  • Butter foils and laminates

Aquaseal coatings offer a number of significant advantages over existing solutions.

Food safety

  • chlorine free
  • BADGE (epoxy) free
  • aromatic solvent free
  • monomeric plasticiser free

Chemical resistant against

  • fats & oils
  • water
  • acids

Performance benefits

  • no transfer of odour or taint
  • seal through contamination
  • excellent hot tack & seal integrity
  • processable by common printing techniques

The Paraflex™ L and Paraflex™ LT range of laminating waxes includes a number of different grades to address various specific requirements within the flexible packaging industry.

The standard Paraflex L range provides laminating waxes for use with many different substrates including paper, aluminium foil, paperboard, cellophane and plastic films (PE, PP, PS, PET, PLA) depending on the target complex. Wax laminated structures are used in a wide variety of end-use applications such as butter and margarine wrappers, confectionery packaging, biscuit and cheese wrappers, bouillon, soup and stock cubes.

Variants in the Paraflex™ L range are designed to deliver a number of specific performance requirements:

  • Specific substrate adhesion
  • Lamination bond strength
  • Fat & moisture resistance
  • Heat resistance
  • Application temperature
  • Good organoleptics for sensitive products

The Paraflex™ LT range has been specifically developed to offer effective lamination and subsequent controlled delamination in cap-seal liner wads.

Paramelt offers a number of products balancing cost and performance in relation to die cutting resistance, heat resistance, bond strength and subsequent release. Liner wads are widely used as an induction sealable closure element in combination with screw caps. Typical examples are lubricants and household chemicals, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, instant-coffee jars and high-fat spreads.

In addition to cap-seal liners the ability of these waxes to ‘strike-through’ the paper-based substrate has also found application in heat-sealable laminates, for example between silk paper and aluminium foil.

Our Paraflex™ coating wax range includes

  • Paraflex™ CW  - non-sealable waxes for gloss & barrier
  • Paraflex™ WS   - waxy peel-seal grades
  • Paraflex™ HS    - high-strength heat seal hot melts

A wide range of Paraflex™ CW types are available for different types of paper, machine viscosity and balances between gloss and scuff resistance. These waxes are used for twist, fold, bunch and sachet wrappers for sweets, meat and cheese wrappers, flower wrappers, technical wrapping papers and decorative papers.

Our Paraflex™ WS and Paraflex™ HS heat seal waxes and hot melts also provide gloss & barrier performance combined with tailored heat sealability for a wide range of applications.

Paraflex™ WS can be used for either single or double-side coatings to provide an easy-open, peel-seal coating for the packaging of, for example, bread, sweets and chewing gum.

Paraflex™ HS grades offer a higher sealing strength and specific adhesion to a broad range of both polar and non-polar substrates, such as PE, PP, PS, PET, PLA, glass and aluminum. Common applications for the Paraflex HS range of products include yogurt banderole (in-mould labelling / IML), soap wrappers, lidding, cap seal liners or in-register coated confectionery laminates.

The differences between the various grades relate to the properties required in the wax coating and also the machinery employed. The main performance criteria for gloss and heat seal coating waxes are:

Coating requirements

  • rheology
  • thermal stability
  • operating temperature
  • non-blocking

Packaging machine requirements

  • scuff resistance
  • controlled COF(c/c c/m)
  • heat sealability
  • hot-tack
  • deadfold and twist retention
  • wide operating window

End-use requirements

  • moisture barrier (MVTR/Cobb)
  • release against the packed product
  • tailored gloss levels
  • organoleptics
  • regulatory compliance e.g. direct food contact approval

Paraflex Nowax™ vegetable based waxes offer a sustainable answer to a host of today’s packaging challenges with a positive consumer image. These coating waxes provide paper-based packaging with the needed functionality like controllable barrier properties, high gloss levels, excellent release characteristics and bring additional machineability benefits like low coefficient of friction, good scuff resistance and heat sealability. They can be run on existing wax coating equipment and depending on applied coating weight, can meet all renewability and ‘end of life’ requirements.

Paramelt has developed a comprehensive range of Paraflex Nowax grades to offer equivalent functionality to traditional mineral wax-based Paraflex coatings.

Compared with standard Paraflex grades, vegetable-based Nowax solutions offer a number of advantages in the delivered functionality.

PropertyVegetable waxParaffin waxRemark
Machineability: packaging+++No static build up and excellent CoF
Machineability: coating==The coating characteristics of both product types are comparable
Gloss+++Vegetable wax can provide an even higher gloss level
Release+++The release to the packed food e.g. sticky sweets can be even better with vegetable waxes
CoF (Coefficient of Friction)+++
Scuff Resistance+++
MVTR+++In comparable coat weights vegetable waxes show a slightly higher MVTR enabling the material to breathe (e.g. an advantage for maturation of soft cheese)
Fat resistance==
Odour==Vegetable waxes have a characteristic odour different from paraffin wax
Physical properties==
Biodegradability / compostability+++Vegetable waxes offer slightly better compostability and biodegradability performance

'People prefer paper'

Customer surveys in Europe confirm that paper packaging has a very powerful appeal for consumers. An IPSOS study commissioned by PaperImpact highlighted that


prefer paper for its positive environmental perception


prefer paper for convenience factors (easy opening, controlled tear)


prefer the feel of paper based packaging

End-of-life options

Compostable - suitable packaging constructions allow certification to EN 13432

Inherently biodegradable - minimises littering impact

repulpable - through appropriate processes

Contributes high calorific value - for incineration

Responsible sourcing

responsibly managed forests (certified fiber sources)

vegetable oils used meet the criteria of the RSPO & WWF and are GMO-free

waxes are based on sustainably produced vegetable oils

up to 99% bio based

Featured product

Aquaseal™ 2155/2261 - heat seal coatings for processed cheese
Aquaseal™ 2155/2261 - heat seal coatings for processed cheese

Aquaseal water-based coatings for processed cheese foil offer a number of significant benefits over traditional vinyl lacquers. Our proprietary process technology enables us to produce a coating system which is completely vinyl-chloride, epoxy, solvent and plasticiser-free, giving excellent organoleptic performance and regulatory compliance.

Our 2-layer system provides excellent barrier for complete resistance against fat, water and lactic acid. Our flexibility in polymer selection allows us to tailor the optimum low temperature seal behaviour and provides excellent hermeticity for extended shelf life.


Nowax™ vegetable based waxes
Aquaseal water-based packaging coatings


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Nowax™ vegetable based waxes
Aquaseal water-based functional packaging coatings

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