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Microcrystalline waxes

Hard and semi hard microcrystalline waxes are critical to the formulation of chewing gum base to achieve the right stability and ‘chew’ of the gum. All waxes that Paramelt supply in to this market are specifically selected to comply with all the necessary regulatory and food ingredient specifications.

Specialty blends

As a formulator, Paramelt is able to handle thermoplastic blends up to a viscosity of 1 million mPa.s and temperatures up to 180°C in a food safe environment. This capability enables us to supply pre-blended concentrates of rubbers and/or resins diluted in wax, thereby simplifying the manufacturing process for our customers.

We produce in food safe facilities

Wax in chewing gum

The specific composition of gum base varies strongly between different producers and brands remaining one of the most closely guarded industry secrets. Today chewing gum is commonly based on synthetic rubber, primarily PIB and SBR, which provides the fundamental cohesion and flexibility to the gum. The rubber base is then further modified with natural resins to provide the desired chewing characteristics and can be further extended with natural oils and fatty acids to further soften the gum.


Wax functionality

Within such a system, wax provides a number of critical modifying properties. Due to the complex diversity of gum base formulations, the effective functioning of the wax package requires the careful selection of well-defined and consistent quality waxes. Some of the key functionalities provided by the wax are:

  • The wax facilitates compatibility between the various polymers resins and oils in the formulation
  • In addition to the resins and other softeners in the system, wax imparts additional plasticity to the gum
  • Wax acts as a release agent in the system reducing ‘ dry tack’
  • The crystalline nature of wax provides solidity to the matrix to prevent ‘ cold flow’
  • The inherent nature of wax provides an extremely strong oil binding capacity to the gum formulation

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food safe certifications

Food safe certifications
Food safe certifications

Paramelt operates FSSC 22000 food safe production facilities for local supply of microwaxes and other specialty wax blends in both China and Europe.

As such, we offer a unique capability to the worldwide chewing gum operating industry. By special request we are also able to meet additional manufacturing demands such as Kosher and Halal certifications.

industry network

Integrated partner of the chewing gum and wax industry
Integrated partner of the chewing gum and wax industry

Paramelt is a leading member of the European Wax Federation (EWF) and an associate member of the International Chewing Gum Association (ICGA). Through our committed involvement in key industry organisations, Paramelt takes a leading role in developing understanding and defining regulatory standards for the use of waxes in the chewing gum industry. We are able to bring this knowledge and expertise to the table to assist you in developing your business.

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