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Aquaseal alternatives for vinyl chloride heat seal coatings

As developing regulatory pressures exert an increasing influence on materials selection in flexible packaging design, Paramelt has continued to develop its AquasealTM range of water based heat seal and barrier coatings to meet these ongoing demands.

One particular area of market concern relates to the use of solvent based vinyl lacquers in a range of applications, particularly on aluminium foils. The use of vinyl chloride monomer is limited to an SML of 1mg/kg in all direct food contact applications on a pan European basis and continues to have a negative environmental image. In addition the presence of residual solvents from these lacquers can give a detrimental effect on both organoleptic properties and food safety. This combination of factors is driving an increasing demand from both food producers and the retail chain to discontinue the use of these materials.

Blue wave technology platform

In two particular areas Paramelt has recently introduced some exciting new products within the Aquaseal range, produced using the new Bluewave technology platform developed in partnership with Dow Chemical.

  • For aluminium lidding foils, a fully water based combi-lacquer dispersion, based on chlorine free, high molecular weight thermoplastics, has been developed offering excellent sealability to both polypropylene and polystyrene substrates. This product, particularly targeted at the dairy sector gives, excellent seal and peelability characteristics combined with the necessary resistance properties against water, fat and lactic acid.
  • For thinner heat seal foils, intended for diverse applications such as soup cubes, processed cheese and chocolate wraps, Paramelt has developed a range of aqueous, ethylene copolymer emulsions which provide excellent adhesion to aluminium combined with good lay down, film formation, flexibility and crease resistance. Offering superb barrier characteristics and tailored minimum sealing temperature,

Paramelt can provide a comprehensive range of alternatives to the use of plasticised vinyl systems. For further technical information please contact Mr Neill Dutton on or T: +31.(0)72.5750600.