These days more and more roofs are being fitted with modern synthetic roof covering fixed with Dynol™ one component PU adhesives and solvent based contact adhesives. There are plenty of good reasons why:

  • it works much faster;
  • no hot bitumen burners or electrical wiring are needed on the roof in order to prepare perforations in the hard substrate;
  • the adhesive supports a more even distribution of the mechanical forces over the roof covering;
  • extra safety, there is no need for heat or open flames on the roof;
  • ideal solution for roof renovations. 

These 1K PU-adhesives and contact adhesives can be applied over old bitumen layers. 

The first EPDM roof covering appeared on the European market more than 30 years ago, Paramelt has been supplying adhesives to fix them. Since then the market for adhesive based roofing has increased strongly. There are now multiple membrane types available like EPDM, PVC, ECB, PIB and TPO. Each time a new membrane type is launched Paramelt develops the best possible adhesive to bond it to roof substrates.

Paramelt has developed a range of different types of adhesives for the various types of covering namely:

  • one component moisture curing polyurethane adhesives (1K PU) and contact adhesives for adhering multiple waterproofing membranes to various substrates;
  • to fix waterproofing membranes to joints, utilities, seams and upright/raised constructions/parts and in case of overlaps used as splice adhesive;
  • façade adhesives;
  • primers for self-adhering membranes.

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