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fruit coating

For fruit coatings you can use some specific grades of our Syncera brand.

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Syncera X 1514 stearate n y More

Syncera™ X 1514 is a calcium stearate dispersion. Fruits are washed after harvest to remove residues of crop protection agents and other contaminants. These solutions, which contain surfactants, are usually strongly alkaline and remove much of the natural wax layer on the fruit. Coatings of Syncera X 1514 may help to improve the shelf life of fruits or vegetables. Syncera X 1514 can also be used in coating applications of various kinds to improve the water resistance, scratch and/or scuff resistance.

stearate - wax emulsions
water resistant, scuff resistant, scratch resistance
additives - coatings, inks & adhesives, fruit coating - fruit
available in:
Asia Pacific, Americas, EMEA
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