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import, export and trading

The manufacturing activities at this time were complemented by import, export and trading in oils, fats and semi-refined paraffin wax, which were bleached and refined and sold as raw materials to industry. They also supplied montan wax for carbon paper, paraffin wax as a basis for sweeping and polishing compounds, special waxes for the cosmetics and dental sectors and impregnating wax for the textile industry.

The basis of Paramelt as it is today, was formed by a merger in 1977 of two Dutch companies, Paramelt and Syntac, both tracing their roots back to the original 1898 company of Dirk de Wit.

The 1990’s: building foundations

During the 1990s, Paramelt grew rapidly by acquisition, taking over competitors or by ‘buying out’ their wax blending activities. The related manufacturing was subsequently consolidated into Paramelt’s Dutch production location.

  • 1993:  take over of RMC Belix, Antilly (F)
  • 1996:  Paramelt Syntac and RMC Belix are renamed Paramelt
  • 1996:  take over of wax activities of Van Stockum (D)
  • 1996:  take over of Schlickum Werke (D)
  • 1997: take over of wax activities of Chr. Hansen (DK)
  • 1998:  take over of wax activities of H.B. Fuller (D)

international team

In order to cope with the considerable growth of the business in Western Europe, sales offices were established in France, Germany, Sweden and Denmark. The combination of these businesses led to the development of an increasingly international team, forming the first foundations of today’s global organisation.

The comprehensive history of Paramelt’s first century has been outlined in the book ‘100 years Paramelt: a century in wax 1898-1998’.

2000–2010: spreading our wings

Having consolidated much of the wax blending activities in Western Europe, Paramelt began to spread its wings, moving into a new phase of diversification: both in terms of complementary technologies as well as geographical reach.

  • In February 2002 we made a strategic move into water based & reactive adhesives to complement our existing range of hot melts through the acquisition of Scholten Adhesives from AVEBE (potato starch and derivates). The business continued to operate as Paramelt Veendam B.V. and became an integral and rapidly expanding part of Paramelt.
  • In April 2005 Paramelt acquired the activities of Honeywell´s Industrial Wax in Europe and Asia. With this acquisition, Paramelt secured a manufacturing location in Suzhou, China, which provided the platform for future growth in the Asia Pacific region.
  • In October of the same year the blended wax business of H&R in Chorley (UK) was acquired and integrated into the Paramelt European organisation, supported by a new sales office in the UK.

becoming the global market leader

Over the following years Paramelt invested significant effort in identifying suitable partners in North America to complete the global footprint of the business. This process culminated in 2010, when Paramelt completed a number of important acquisitions.

These acquisitions were concentrated around the investment casting market, in a stroke enabling Paramelt to become the global market leader and establishing manufacturing coverage across the USA. M. Argüeso & Co Ltd and Kindt-Collins LLC were acquired as well as the casting wax business of Koster Keunen USA and the wax recycling activities of Taylor’s Wax Processing. This resulted in a dynamic new organisation, headquartered out of Muskegon (MI), with additional manufacturing capability in both Rosemead (CA) and Cleveland (OH).

2011 and beyond: expressing our dna...

As a result of the previous two decades activities, Paramelt entered a new phase as medium sized multinational company with the critical mass to act independently and make significant financial investments in support of technology developments and process expansion.

  • In September 2011 Paramelt acquired Evonik’s Dilavest® thermostat expansion wax business. This brought a whole new technology platform into the portfolio, requiring significant capital investment in new processes and at the same time turned a largely European business into a global activity.
  • In October 2011 Paramelt took over the water-based labelling adhesives activities of BENEO-Bio Based Chemicals, investing in a new manufacturing capability in Veendam to enable the transfer of the production.
  • In 2015 Paramelt acquired Valan Wax Products Ltd casting wax recycling activity, serving mainly the UK investment casting market. This was further enhanced in 2018 when we invested in a new, state of the art facility in Redditch, to allow a full upgrading of the recycling process.
  • In 2017 the Ter Group become the sole owner and shareholder of Paramelt, increasing critical mass, strengthening the organisation and maintaining our independence.

In 2023 Paramelt will celebrate it’s 125 years anniversary

Which we hope will be just the next milestone as our history stretches out into the future…

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