Paramelt acquires specialty wax activities of Sonneborn Refined Products

Paramelt has acquired the specialty wax activities of Sonneborn Refined Products B.V. in Koog aan de Zaan, Netherlands.

The acquisition of the business, previously known as Jonk and Witco, fits perfectly with Paramelt’s existing portfolio for specialty waxes, where Sonneborn waxes also have a long history and a well-established reputation.

Both Paramelt and Sonneborn (Koog aan de Zaan) share the same origin, tracing their roots back to the ‘Eerste Noord-Hollandsche Olie- en Smeerfabriek De Wit’, which was established in Purmerend in 1898. After working for many years at De Wit, former employee Nico Jonk decided in 1933 to establish his own wax factory. Following a number of ownership changes, the company finally came to be known as Witco before being acquired by Sonneborn. So, in many ways this acquisition can be seen as a homecoming – which has even more significance in the year that Paramelt celebrates its 125th anniversary.

This long history underlines Paramelt’s strong commitment and extensive experience in its core wax market. In particular, Paramelt has a leading position in waxes for food applications such as cheese coating waxes, chewing gum additives and poultry defeathering waxes. Across these segments, Paramelt offers a comprehensive product portfolio for both traditional manual application as well as highly automated modern processes.

With a strong local sales and technical service team, backed by targetted development and knowledgeable regulatory support, Paramelt’s customers can rely on high-quality, consistent products and reliable supply. In a market with a strong focus on sustainability we continuously develop our product offering, including renewable, vegetable-based and hybrid wax solutions.

Sonneborn has sold the business with the intention to close its facility at Koog aan de Zaan. In the immediate future, Paramelt and Sonneborn will work on transitioning production to Paramelt’s site approximately 30 km’s away at Heerhugowaard, Netherlands. All existing employees of Sonneborn have been offered a position at the Paramelt location.