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Royal Decoration for J Rustige

December 20, 2004 - During a reception in honour of his retirement Paramelt’s managing director J. Rustige has been awarded the Royal Decoration ‘Officier in de Orde van Oranje-Nassau’ by the mayor of Bergen. The retirement banquet was given in one of the production halls in Heerhugowaard in presence of all Paramelt employees.

Since his appointment in 1986 he has made Paramelt a very successful company. The company grew from 13.000 ton and a turnover of € 17 mln to the current size of 54.000 tons and a turnover of € 70 mln.

He received the decoration for his work in several national and European organisations. Since 1989 Mr Rustige has played a crucial role in deflecting a threat in the United Kingdom to ban mineral hydrocarbons in contact with foods. As chairman of the European Wax Federation he has channelled the discussion and helped to shape European legislation. In 2003 he was appointed honorary chairman of the European Wax Federation. Further Mr Rustige has been board member of several Dutch Industry and Employers organisations.

His achievements for the European wax industry are also illustrated by the invitation to become a member of the ´Worshipful Company of Wax Chandlers´ in London. This guild of candle and seal wax producers admitted him to the guild, as the first non-UK citizen since its´ establishment more than 500 years ago. This was  thanks to his expertise in the field of waxes.

Mr John Capendale has been appointed the new managing director of Paramelt. Mr Rustige will become chairman of the Paramelt advisory board where he takes the place of Mr H. Hooijkaas.