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tests casting waxes

You can use our testing facilities to enhance the performance of your casting process. We offer different kinds of tests: dimensional testing, mechanical testing, ash testing, wax rheology, routine QC testing, thermal analysis, and particle size testing.  

Dimensional testing

Our modern, 25-ton wax press routinely demonstrates the benefits of Paramelt Argüeso Kindt’s range of investment casting waxes. Used for development and quality control work, the press is also available to you to test waxes in a variety of tooling, including your own. Eliminate the chore of in-house wax evaluation—let us do it for you (see also dimensional testing of casting wax).

Mechanical testing

Your pattern and sprue waxes must have the right combination of mechanical properties to function in your process. Paramelt Argüeso Kindt’s lab makes full use of its advanced, tensile-test machine to fully characterize these properties. We know why your patterns chip and your sprues sag. And we can show you how to choose the best waxes for your operation (see also mechanical testing of casting wax).

Ash testing

Low ash contents are a given with Paramelt Argüeso Kindt’s investment casting waxes. Our laboratories still, however, rigorously test every lot to ensure residual ash levels meet our industry leading specifications. Should the need arise, we even have access to advanced SEM/EDX equipment that helps identify the structure and chemistry of ash residues (see also ash analysis of casting wax with SEM EDX).

Wax rheology

Accurate and meaningful characterization of wax rheology is fundamental to understanding how wax injects and dewaxes in your process. Paramelt Argüeso Kindt pioneered the use of sophisticated rheometers in the industry. We use our unit to capture a viscosity-temperature profile of every batch we produce and we make extensive use of it in our development and technical-service activities (see also rheology analysis of casting wax).

Routine QC testing

Although we rely on a variety of modern, sophisticated techniques, Paramelt Argüeso Kindt still values the traditional methods of wax analysis. We test and certify every lot against softening and melting points, as well as hardness and density criteria. This database underpins our quality control regime and is the foundation on which we build our product consistency (see also routine QC testing of casting wax)

Thermal analysis

As a wax user, you know the importance of controlling heat flow during the melting and solidification stages of your casting process. Paramelt Argüeso Kindt knows this, too, so we employ an advanced Differential Scanning Calorimeter to quantify heat flow into wax as a function of temperature change. We also operate a Thermo Mechanical Analyzer to measure temperature-related dimensional changes (see also thermal DSC analysis of casting wax).

Particle size testing

Paramelt Argüeso Kindt pioneered the use of multiple filler technologies that modern industry relies on to achieve manufacturing excellence. Today, many waxes contain solid fillers that enable enhanced dimensional control. Argüeso appreciates the degree to which a filler’s particle-size distribution impacts wax rheology, and, for this reason, was one of the first wax suppliers to use a particle-size analyzer for filler characterization (see also particle size analysis of filled casting wax).