can we help you?

why join us

Paramelt is a growing, dynamic company that offers an abundance of opportunities to its employees. We are proud of what we achieve every day. We are proud of our flat organisation and our informal culture, where every result counts. If you show the right initiative, you will get every opportunity to develop yourself in our company.

'entrepreneurial spirit'

You come to work in a focused, highly collaborative culture and benefit from the experienced and internationally focussed colleagues that you’d expect to find in a fast growing company.

Innovation plays a key role in our company’s performance. We provide our customers across the world with an unparalleled range of client specific products, derived from our extensive experience in the industry. We continually strive to exceed our customers’ expectations with high quality products as well as tailor made product development.

The success of our business depends above all on the people who work here. Talent and creativity is at the heart of our culture.

Who will succeed here

With the wide range of careers on offer at Paramelt, it is impossible to define a generic profile of the kind of person we are looking for. The specific qualities we want in a chemical technologist for instance, will differ from those we would look for in a business development manager. However, there are some characteristics that apply to everyone, whatever your role is with us. It goes without saying that you are talented and motivated. Beyond that, you share our passion for continuous improvement and have a clear customer focus. You are bright and ambitious, welcoming the toughest challenges.

'autonomy and team work'

If you want to work for a company that gives you the autonomy to explore and implement new ideas, at the same time providing a highly collaborative environment that fosters team spirit and cooperation between different areas of the business, you will succeed here.