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who we are

Founded in 1898, Paramelt B.V. has almost 120 years of experience and today is a global producer of wax blends, adhesives and specialty dispersions. Operating from production sites in the Netherlands, UK, USA and China we work together in a team of more than 400 employees around the world. In most of our core applications Paramelt is the acknowledged market leader.

In all our areas of activity, we are committed to deliver consistently high-quality products and solutions providing reliable performance in our customers’ applications.

Our approach
We are essentially formulators - with the full range of wax refining and compounding capabilities including water and solvent based mixing and emulsification and the confectioning of thermoplastic materials in a viscosity range from one hundred to one million centipoise.

'We are essentially formulators...'

We are active in a diverse range of end use applications ranging from packaging, cosmetics and food products to materials for aerospace, medical prosthetics and even thermostats. We develop, produce and sell waxes, adhesives and dispersions that are formulated to precisely match our customer’s targeted performance criteria.

We have a long standing history and experience in our application fields.  This expertise, built up through the years, allows us to deliver just the right product and has enabled us to build commitment and trust with our customers for the long term.