cheese waxes and coatings

As global market leader for cheese coatings Paramelt offers a wide range of Paradip™ cheese waxes and Paracoat™ water based cheese plastic coatings for small, medium size to large cheeses, from Pasta Filata to Edam and Gouda cheese. Paradip Nowax™ cheese wax is a semi-permeable wax coating developed for gas forming cheese like the Dutch Maasdammer type.

For many years cheese waxes have been used to protect a cheese after production and giving it an attractive appeal in colour and gloss. Because of its commitment to this industry Paramelt has built up a century of experience in cheese coatings. Due to this focussed approach we have become the global market leader in mineral and natural wax based cheese coatings and we experience strong growth in polymer dispersion based cheese coatings. Our brands are Paracoat for cheese coating and Paradip for cheese wax.

The founder of Paramelt Mr Dirk de Wit developed the concept of cheese wax coatings in the early 1900´s. In the 1950´s Was de Wit introduced cheese coating dispersions on the Dutch market. Traditionally the Dutch cheese industry mainly exported large quantities of Gouda and Edam cheese and became an important user of cheese wax. Their yellow and red colours became a kind of trade mark for these Gouda and Edam cheeses.

Today Paramelt offers a broad product range and integral solution in cheese coatings, from dispersion coating to different wax coating technologies.

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