case & carton sealing

Our packaging adhesives are formulated for use at either high or low ambient temperatures: Plastomelt hotmelts, Excelta metallocene hotmelts, low melt adhesives and 'water white' Plastomelt 9000-series hotmelts.

Excelta hotmelts

Excelta hotmelts are based on a polymer range obtained through a polymerisation technology known as metallocene catalyst polymerisation. The metallocene polymer has some unique properties like an outstanding heat stability, narrow molecular weight distribution and a sharp melting point.

The use of this new polymer technology in Excelta hotmelts results in:

  • outperforming heat stability
  • prevention of char forming
  • viscosity stability at working temperature
  • light initial colour and colour stability
  • superior machineability
  • flowing performance and superior jetting
  • potential higher production line speeds
  • reduced consumption of hotmelt
  • excellent bonding
  • improved fibre tear compared to EVA based products
  • unparalled adhesion to difficult substrates like PE and PP
  • low and high temperature resistance
  • versatility

Plastomelt 9000-series

The Plastomelt 9000-series is well appreciated by its white colour, low odour level and thermal stability.

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